We get a lot of requests of people asking about Hotels. Typically, these questions come in the form in "Hey, I am going to XXX, what is the BEST hotel?" One of the problem with these questions is that the person that is asking for the information usually don't define what Best is, nor do they define what they value.

Rather than tackling these posts individually, I want to try and put together a repository of Hotels information, ideally for each general destination. This way, folks who have been to the place can list out what they liked or dislike about various properties at the destination.

To start with, let's try creating a thread for hotels in Hawaii that one can redeem as an award. We will write these in a fixed format so people can see similar information about each property. The more detail you provide, the easier for people to know why you liked or disliked about a property. Note, Top level comments should be listing for a Hotel. Questions about properties and so forth should be replies to the hotel listing.


  • Island: (Oahu, Maui,…)
  • Region: (North Shore, Waikiki, etc)
  • Hotel Name:
  • Cost in Points: 15,000 Hyatt, 60,000 Marriott, etc
  • Resort Fee: $XX
  • Ideal for: (Golfing, Hiking, Honeymoon, etc)
  • Pros: (Private Beach, 5* restaurants, Night Life, etc)
  • Cons: (Old rooms, small pool, too far from the beach, etc)

If this goes well, we can pool the collective knowledge for other places, such as Puerto Rico, or Caribbean, or Thailand.

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