United Airlines is going viral for all the wrong reasons after a passenger complained on Twitter that they were unable to move to an empty seat in Economy Plus during their flight; the airline likened the move to a new seat to stealing because the passenger would be going up a fare class without paying.

You’re on a flight with a bunch of empty seats and you’re stuck in a cramped spot packed in between other people. When boarding is complete, do you move to another seat? And if you do, is it still in your fare class, or in a higher one?

That’s the current debate, as United Airlines goes viral on Twitter for telling a passenger that moving from economy to an empty seat in Economy Plus is no better than stealing. Here’s what happened.

In a now-deleted tweet from user krunasty, the passenger questioned the airline on why they were unable to move to an economy seat with more legroom once the flight was ready for takeoff. United replied with two comments:

Replies to the tweets are mixed as to whether the policy is correct or just poor customer service.

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[Featured Image: United]