Hi all,

I am expecting to extract a lot of value from my 115,000 ANA miles, but my travel interests aren't really in Asia. I plan to zig-zag Latin America for all it's worth, and probably also maximize my stopovers in Europe, and was thinking about a throw-away leg at the end of the trip to meet the "cross the Pacific" requirement. I'm wondering if it's possible to 1) fly from Asia to Hawaii or even 2) fly from the Mainland Americas to Hawaii to fulfill this requirement. This would save thousands of miles of flying for that zig-zag pattern! I emailed ANA, but they said call, and I've had a few long holds that I ran out of time for, so thought I'd ask here in the meantime. Whatever the result, I will report back on my final itinerary and share my observations for posterity 😉

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